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This kit will contain 24 days worth of activities, a list of materials needed, and a breakdown of each activity. Each kit will be shipped/delivered in a discreet box. Each activity is made from 1/8" birch and will be painted as shown in the pictures. 




  • Ball Pit - Fill a bowl/container with ball shaped objects, sit elf in bowl and add Ball Pit sign.

  • Don’t Bribe the Elf - Place next to the elf 

  • Let’s Bake - Have Elf hold the cookie sign and place the cookie tray nearby

  • See Ya Next Year - Leave the sign behind on Christmas Day. Maybe with a small gift or in the child's stocking. 

  • 5 More Mins (TV & Controller) - Set Elf in front of TV with game controller

  • Hopscotch - Have Elf play Hopscotch

  • Twister - Have Elf play twister

  • SnowBall Fight - You will need cotton balls for this activity

  • Shoveling Snow - Place powdered sugar on a piece of foil and have Elf shovel snow

  • Elf Movie - Have Elf watch Elf Movie

  • Elf on Strike - Have Elf hold sign if he forgets to move

  • Elf Prints - Sprinkle flour over the template and remove. Elf will leave tracks

  • Movie Night Ticket - Elf and Child can have a movie night or make it a family night. 

  • Let’s Take a Selfie - Child and Elf take a photo together

  • Reindeer Poop - You will need chocolate cereal or whoppers candy for this - Place sign near the Elf with the sign. 

  • You’ve been Sweet - Have Elf give the child a sweet surprise while he holds the sign. 

  • Go Team - Have Elf hold the sign and cheer on your child's favorite teams. 

  • I’m Back - Have Elf hold this sign on his first night back with your family. 

  • Tic Tac Toe - Have Elf and another toy play Tic Tac Toe

  • Christmas Tree Decoration - have child decorate tree with markers and display

  • Word Search - Have children do word search if they are able. If not, Elf can do word search. 

  • Color Santa - Have child color Santa

  • Elf Cam - Elf Cam is watching for Naughty or Nice. Can be combined with Elf on Strike if you have a different idea for one night. 

  • Kissing Booth - Elf can pose solo or with another toy. 

  • Hide & Seek - Elf can hold the sign to encourage a game of hide & seek, or he can play hide & seek with other toys. 


Supplies Needed:

Ball Shaped Object/Food


Cookie Dough (if you want to make cookies)

Cotton Balls or small white poof balls

Flour/Powder Sugar

Foil/Paper Plate

Chocolate Cereal or Whopper Candy

Sweet Treat

Markers or Colors

Other Toys

Elf on the Shelf - 24 Day Activity Kit

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